Corporate Gifting and Nutrition Talks



Our exquisite range of block print products make an elegant and unique corporate gift. With employee stress and anxiety at an all time high, our wellbeing gifts are very much appreciated.  Our range includes stress relieving eye pillows which encourage colleagues to take time out to spritzes to calm and promote good sleep. Beautifully gift-wrapped and boxed with your company logo, should you wish, we can work closely with you to create a tailor-made gift for either clients or employees. 

We also offer this service for other special occasions such as bridal parties and well being retreats.

If you are in the wellbeing industry, we offer a 'wellbeing' discount.  Please contact us on to discuss this. 

Nutrition Talks

As trained Nutritionists we offer talks on a variety of health related topics. All out talks last approximately 60 minutes including15 minutes for questions. We can tailor talks to a client's specific requirements.


Recent topics covered:

Happy Healthy Gut

The gut is key to a strong immune system and good health. 

The talk covers:

  1. Key facts about the gut

  2. Prebiotics and Probiotics – what they are and how we can increase them

  3. Foods to limit or avoid

  4. The affect of stress on the gut and what we can do through exercise and relaxation


How to improve your diet to manage stress and anxiety

We focus on everyday foods that help counter stress and leave you feeling energised and refreshed

The talk covers:

  1. How stress impacts us and how to recognise early symptoms

  2. Nutrients that help fight stress

  3. Key areas to pay attention to

  • Blood sugar levels

  • Adrenal health

  • Gut health

  • Sleep and exercise


Balancing your hormones – for women in their 40s and beyond

 We offer guidance on how to manage fluctuating hormones through good nutrition and other practices

The talk covers:

  1. Explanation of the perimenopause and menopause

  2. The symptoms

  3. Foods to eat and what to limit or avoid

  4. The importance of exercise and relaxation

  5. Complimentary therapies/HRT and supplements


We also host seasonal talks for maintaining and optimising health for particular times of the year.  

Please contact us on to discuss your requirements.