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With a shared love of block print and pattern we are passionate about creating a collection for Isimi that is unique, beautiful and practical, making use of the wonderful fabrics that this traditional method of printing allows.

We work closely with skilled artisans from around the world and many of our products and fabrics are designed by us so you will not find them elsewhere. Others are made in small quantities to keep them unique. For our gift boxes, we enjoy collaborating with other small businesses who share the same ethos as us.


We hope you love our collection as much as we do! 


Liv & Lou


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All our blockprint fabrics are 100% cotton created by artisans in Jaipur using the ancient art of hand block printing which we are proud to support. This slower, more sustainable way of printing uses natural dye which is kinder to the environment. 


Our designs are made to order so no fabric is wasted and we have the privilege of choosing our designs. This also means that our ranges will frequently change so there will be a limited number of products in the same fabric making your product unique.

As our fabric is hand printed, there will be the odd ‘imperfection’ in the print. We love this as it reminds us that, rather than a factory-made product, our fabric is created in the hands of an artisan using traditional techniques handed down through the generations.


We only use organic cotton in our baby range and are increasing our use of organic cottons throughout our collection. All our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) registered.  The small business we work with pays all their staff above the minimum wage and has a printing system which uses no water and very little fabric wastage as a result of using the latest digital printing technology. They are working towards being 100% powered by wind or solar within the next two years. 

As well as loving, and indeed owning, alpacas, alpaca wool or fibre has many qualities that we love and is making it a popular choice for clothing. It's three times warmer than sheep's wool but also breathable. It doesn't contain lanolin so it is hypoallergenic and less itchy. It contains moisture wicking qualities, so any perspiration will be removed from the surface of the skin. It's durable so lasts longer and it doesn't pill like wool.  


Our Alpaca yarn is sourced from the Andes in Peru and our socks are all hand linked in Leicestershire, England.

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Bramley products contain natural 100% botanicals with no nasty chemicals or artificial colours. Their mission is to create environmentally friendly products with little or no footprint left on the planet.  Compostable refill pouches can be bought on every product we sell from Bramley.


James + Jake is a British skin and body care brand men. Their products use sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients with no synthetic fragrance or artificial colours. Their packaging is made from recycled milk cartons. 


Our luxury gift boxes are fully recyclable if you remove the magnet and ribbon, but we hope that you will keep them and reuse them as they are extremely durable and high quality so are ideal for storage or even re-gifting. Our postal boxes are 100% recyclable. 



Pronounced ee-see-me, it is a Yoruba word we love

that translates as holiday, rest and tranquility

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