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About our Fabric

All our fabrics are 100% cotton created by artisans in Jaipur using the ancient art of hand block printing. This slower, more sustainable way of printing uses natural dye which is kinder to the environment. 


Our designs are made to order so no fabric is wasted and we have the privilege of choosing our designs.  This also means that our ranges will frequently change so there will be a limited number of products in the same fabric making your product unique.


As our fabric is hand printed, there will be the odd ‘imperfection’ in the print.  We love this as it reminds us that rather than a factor-made product, our fabric is created in the hands of an artisan using traditional techniques handed down through the generations.

We are proud to support the traditional practice of hand block printing. We only work with partners with ethical working practices, our products are designed to be reused and our packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Blue Zinnia


Pink Champa


Blue Padma


Pink Pushpa

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